The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,884 – Jul 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Be free welcoming European in special uniform LIVERIED
Blast occurs, exploding shelters CURSE
Charges acceptable with services ONUSES
Cheating at back, ringleader without pressure TAKINGIN
Dreary if not having succeeded at first SUNLESS
Elaborate nest swallows case in slyness DRESSY
Face action with firm after leader’s relocated FEATURES
Harsh article by a Nordic rogue DRACONIAN
Home from bar, twice mistaking one foot for the other LAIR
Hysteria from tot with advanced twitches DRAMATICS
I’m eagerly awaiting deodorant ROLLON
List motor housing first in Audi supply parts CALENDAR
Morally weak following deceptive person turning up FRAIL
On good terms with one naming agitator INCITER
One could be criminal conspirer getting caught out PRISONER
One trapped in belted saw SPIED
Ordinary crustacean up rocky end of pool feeds UNSPECTACULAR
Pert hosts stern with some gathering for drinks COCKTAILPARTY
Picked up ties for canvas mask GUISE
Put on stone and became elderly STAGED
Quickly moved bit NIPPED
Reaction to Joker’s line in casting CHUCKLING
Rendering gateway bearing beam PORTRAYAL
Roughly circle area with suspect around lake OAFISHLY
Split’s one small opening cut in part of trousers SEAPORT
Tricked private heard excuse CONDONE
Understand tunnel is across the Channel DIGEST
Vessels come to rest with waters rising STEWPOTS
Where Adam lived when other half strayed and he got dropped from heaven PARA
Your bad swimming involves constant rigidity OBDURACY

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