The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,885 – Jul 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
American, on reflection, providing entertainment AMUSING
At sea, I arrive in coastal region RIVIERA
Ball game gathering characteristic of the countryside RURALLY
Bane of start of nauseous vomiting NEMESIS
Broadcast belittles instructive examples LESSONS
College life deemed a cakewalk, somewhat, on reflection ACADEME
Crime racket oddly linking two US cities LARCENY
Curiously I’ve no use mostly for showing covetousness ENVIOUS
Deeply tinge limbs with hues, dropping restraints IMBUE
Draws conclusions concerning adult offspring REASONS
Eternal loser, no flair ultimately limiting hard work and energy NOHOPER
Experts incorporating method in brief jokes ONELINERS
Exploiting others portrayed differently PREDATORY
Flat place of arrival in small field PADDOCK
Greek character on trial is most stressed TAUTEST
He could probably calculate composition of any salt properly presented ANALYST
Is worthless stuff turning up in trunks? TORSI
News channel pursuing bustle about revolutionary TROTSKY
Nothing at breakfast, maybe, but this? OATMEAL
One not in favour of Brexit entertaining disdain essentially for the rest REMAINDER
Plants I’d lifted from US state FLORA
Record first heartless love letter EPISTLE
Recurring phrase upset almost two-thirds of Ottomans MOTTO
Relatively tasteless young bird heard CHEAPER
Replaces black gold — substance found just below the surface SUBSOIL
Smoothly devious involving a national emblem SLEEKLY
Solicitous about university student supporting judge CAREFUL
Survive till the final wicket? OUTLAST
Tower in every detail penetrated by disastrous bug TUGBOAT
Trouble of small island accommodating large fellows AILMENT
Violent hoodlum and thug regularly a blusterer LOUDMOUTH
Violent storm split a party TORNADO

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