The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,887 – Jul 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Retro’ plate way off mark initially for Blair’s book ANIMALFARM
… last trio of urchins tearfully getting thinner and thinner INSWEEPING
… was banished to former French island and died EXILED
7 for 1 SOLO
Astonished second in command went to capture Marshal OPENEYED
At last, action stations! WATERLOO
Banker’s not entirely penniless NILE
Country intended to replace Independent with Republican FRANCE
Dictator’s use of unlawful force out … ELICIT
Do talk on radio? This could be fine COGNAC
Flash barge for city on river MOSCOW
Gold coins in circulation more than once ORBITS
Good man, very tired, hugging old mater? STALLION
Hosts premiere of movie surrounded by stars ARMIES
Island where the lanes are windy? STHELENA
Maybe King willing one such as Napoleon … CARDGAME
Merchant Seaman, say, pursuing quiet work SHOPKEEPER
Minimal weight of octogenarian strippeuse? NANOGRAM
New designer loaded paint remover into shed REVAMPER
One taking orders put on a show CURATE
Policemen supporting China’s changing appearance DISFORMING
Reject metal wrapper used in Japanese eatery NORI
Root taking part in mixed doubles EDDO
Supreme pimp exposed American in danger IMPERIAL
Top horse failing to finish in races TSHIRT
Tropical fruit puds PAWPAW
Yellow-flowering shrub? Royal couple look skywards! KERRIA
Youth recruited by special forces leaves SALADS

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