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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,889 – Jul 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
A grant: small bit of cash for a developer still ADOLESCENT
A nude cavorting around taking too many drugs shows some guts DUODENA
Apple could produce this stinging sensation, having high acidity SMARTPHONE
Army supplies ally that is infiltrating sides MATERIEL
Black out, perhaps, on the left turn REDACT
Broadcast on pitch, not without intro from Clare Balding THINONTOP
Cash regularly securing e.g., leopard-skin carpets CHIDES
Chap without singular fuss getting antiquated browser MASTODON
Clement, nearly six-week period keeping Spain cool to the north LENIENT
Complaint of The Observer or Vogue, cutting line STYE
Divisive 25 per cent cut in staff coming up POLARISING
Dubious sight is seen dubiously NESSIE
Fail in Cambridge University after lowest possible score? OMIT
Fool judge, swallowing first lawbreaker’s claim ASSEVERATE
Making a career — getting home with £1,000 DASHING
Newspaper accounts about Switzerland showing social mobility RAGSTORICHES
Note doctor put next to case of medicine MEMO
Place to park behind Sierra and take in fuel SEAT
Player of music in international school IPOD
Poet flipping put out, eating dry rolls for convenience TOILETTISSUE
Provider of fruit lacking taste for tart VINEGARISH
Put flags on pavilion’s front with welcoming word PAVE
Secretaries talk about covering for delegate in spring PASDECHAT
Sellers turned up, ringing hotel for a drink SPRITZER
Singer drunkenly speaking made-up lingo ELVISH
So Oscar goes after some work ERGO
Superior sticks given a twirl SMUG
Sweet poorly coated in fake rock PASTILLE
They may conduct endless tour behind same ground MAESTRI
Trait of sheep up north, I suspect, in Greenock’s borders GROUPTHINK