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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,891 – Jul 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
A wee pun again devised to encapsulate timeless place in country PAPUANEWGUINEA
Artist cuts offer for thread BRAID
Casually agreed about eating crusts of overgrown bloomer PEONY
City director firstly entertained by, maybe, a natural raconteur’s device ANECDOTE
Consider minutes taken in abandoned building at rear of office RUMINATE
Dissent on the rise picked up by hearsay? Not relating to us DEMUR
Familiar airs unsettled saturnine guest SIGNATURETUNES
Favour element disowning Republican BOON
Figure left after period linked to fossil fuel? NUMERAL
Flags could be required for this creative type? PAVEMENTARTIST
Get too old for romantic meeting DATE
Gloss over one-time trading association, reportedly GILD
Haggard female in family after end to partying GAUNT
Heroines oddly ignored for long periods EONS
Inventive sort taking round at home ordinary stuff MARCONI
Kiwi dancer shortly in charge gets abdominal pain COLIC
Large-scale Eastern film EPIC
Medical officer in hearing given to making cracks? WITTY
Military hero leads to lively celebrations in festival ELCID
Normal bargain for root vegetable PARSNIP
Northern country includes very advanced, idyllic state NIRVANA
Prank caught by a tourist worker in turn CAPER
Provisional line essentially followed by first person in style INTERIM
Radical dictators take to posturing DRASTIC
Rare poem composed but without a commanding figure? EMPEROR
Rarefied ground or site retained by English clubs ESOTERIC
Reticent type turns up in abnormal clothing CLAM
Revised modern reading inspires international bestselling author NADINEGORDIMER
Section of network’s muting mildly offensive comments SMUT
Show more dishonesty adopting new statement lacking details OUTLINE
Study audition of hell-raising actor READ
Terrible tone set by politician in court giving offence there? CONTEMPT