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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,892 – Jul 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
Appearing in studio: record label boss DIOR
Culinary device that might be poached given copyright Walkers (just) uncovered EGGCODDLER
Current period on dictionary mostly spent getting someone familiar with Es? ADDICT
Dash perhaps part of GP’s email address? DRAT
Delighted to bypass middle of Hull still remaining EXTANT
Festivities at Glastonbury, say, make a deep impression ENGRAVE
Fibre content lacking in supermarket bread STRAND
Found cold apple, for example, when cycling CREATE
Girder occasionally corroded behind ship GREATEASTERN
In eager anticipation since seven in morning AGOG
Italian carvery worker cooked hogs at length, see? DONATELLO
Jazzy types with skirts to embroider for textile worker RAGTRADER
Language student leaves school carrier? CREE
Large shower during journey obscuring the odd area of France LORRAINE
One scoffs continually, holding up tin emptied earlier SNEERER
Outliers in southwest land seat in rotten borough STATENISLAND
Pet’s fizzy drinks reported COAX
Police force on part of hospital after current pile-up? ACCIDENT
Prima donna, to keep popular, moved into clairvoyance DIVINATION
Shelley’s time opening cards amid cheers essentially EVENTIDE
Showed Yank Giants in action DESIGNATED
Song told story LIED
Sovereign here equivalent to sixpence, as edging eroded ANNE
States supported by fourth estate latterly showing hostility AVERSIVE
Type of engineer chosen by Clair when renovating ELECTRICAL
Unduly rouse Scandinavian king by name OVEREXCITE
Visiting PM’s house, perhaps tap gate ATTENDANCE
Walk covered whole length of Siena? STOA
Welshman meets Scotsman coming from Africa IVORIAN
What’s on plate a worry if tipped over finery REGALIA