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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,894 – Jul 27 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
, 6 Down & 13 Down 14 recording dark matter image, and those needing adjustment (4,2,2,3,5,4) TAKEME
Anticipation of wisdom keeping American quiet SUSPENSE
Bizarre fatigue besetting million __ what smoking can do FUMIGATE
Capital parking secured by villain in lucrative scheme MONEYSPINNER
China has one day to allow entry for classy singer PAULSIMON
Commons staff to hold one Liberal back for spite MALICE
Conservative with update for guiding principles CREDO
Criminal computer user appeal heard here SUPREMECOURT
Delivering lad latest ASBO not a worry in the end NEWSBOY
Domestic heater old man mentioned GEYSER
Frenchman in Spanish city, expert swimmer LEMONDAB
Gypsy Chorus sampled for Thriller PSYCHO
Having contest no side wins, pull out WITHDRAW
In commentary, appreciated extent of bridging needed for pot SAUCEPAN
Keen listener gathering tips on grapevine EAGER
Learn by intuition and pass round the Bordeaux? DIVINE
Lecturer fighting to axe constant grant DONATION
Mars socialist idea over case for employment REDPLANET
MDMA with powder taken up brings striking effect ECLAT
Orchestra, perhaps unloved, plays in cathedral city CHARTRES
Piece of publicity about Long Kesh caused astonishment AMAZED
Players under guidance made double move in game CASTLED
See 9 Across TOTHE
See 9 Across MARDIGRAS
Stone tool __ it goes into collapsed hole EOLITH
Suspicion surrounding hotel in ancient region THRACE
Unbalanced cook with extremely antisocial air MADRIGAL
£25 should cover rising charges __ thousand for Banksy, perhaps PSEUDONYM