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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,896 – Jul 29 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
After reform, due to forgive any number YOUVEGOTAFRIEND
Ancient city axes not for slicing loaf! BYZANTIUM
Atlantic resort ‘oddly grand’ in song AGADIR
Bias, say, in corrupt old state ABYSSINIA
Boo-Boo, perhaps, irritated having to leave thinking man’s practice YOGISM
Coarse son of Arkwright smoked meat HAM
Copper, needing a little break from relations, put to sea CUTADRIFT
Country diary’s rebuffed cutting gossip ANGOLA
Daughter has uniform pressed with green leaf design DECOUPAGE
Drop Jack, one’s character in sitcom MISSJONES
Dying instruction to get ‘so’, ‘mo’ or ‘zo’? SMORZANDO
Establish Resistance moved north through old sewer ORDAIN
Fearful brownie coming into shot PHOBIC
Fine Verdi divertimento’s received well! INEVERDID
Five/six-footer nutmegs ace Italian forward! AVANTI
Game hunter’s gun has gone off NIM
I’m disgusted from the outset about Benson & Hedges packets BAH
In flat, small talk of thieves about to go bananas PLANTAINS
It hurt, retiring part-way through spell on a new daily CHARWOMAN
Myrtle getting worked up three times a year? TERMLY
Pair in advance disposed of man-eater OGRESS
Recording the timeless swinging youth of old Athens EPHEBI
Science curiously is nice after the yoga off and on HYGIENICS
So down-to-earth, independent director above all, in profit GRAVITATIONALLY
Such forms not marred in reproduction? MODERNART
Top question, one set about fine, fine art centre UFFIZI
Toughie set for the afternoon is faultless TEASER
VIP upbringing good for de Sade? BON
Wheatsheaf Inn — iced bottles from Helsinki? FINNIC
Within grasp, royal order SERIALIZE