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The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,898 – Aug 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Toughie Crossword.

Clues Answers
According to Spooner, pack journalist’s car HATCHBACK
Beat poet with flair to ad-lib finally THROB
Characteristic of duvet and a sheet that’s worn? TOGA
Discontented hackers succeeded, capturing heartless tech giant — unlucky HAPLESS
Excuse one vital urge with no function ALIBI
Feature key way to maintain standards QUALITYCONTROL
Game of golf with par broken around bottom of course LEAPFROG
Garnish with leaves to cover old, ropey game? DECKQUOITS
Hair filling out after first cut — it results in a groovy look FURROWING
Heavyweight’s heading to meet Rocky Marciano — one might blow it HARMONICA
Holiday in Spain on southern peninsula ESCAPE
Husband with issue retreated by hospital — working with doctor I start to acknowledge neurosis HYPOCHONDRIA
Joke, for example, Hackney, London’s an obscure place ONEHORSETOWN
Lucky dip bishop operated — only on the counter BRANTUB
Mournful English/Gaelic translation ELEGIAC
One involved Armstrong and Miller’s big character — love dealing with picture MOONSHOT
Perhaps Sheffield Star’s revealed conclusively Simon Cowell appears to have cosmetic alterations LOCALNEWSPAPER
Privy Counsellor ultimately consumed American grub LARVA
Removing all restrictions on the nerd and his lab leads to breakthrough HERNIA
Rotten and Vicious after withdrawing Virgin’s debut for meddling OFFICIOUS
Second-rate celebs form bubbles BLISTERS
Several months touring regressive, almost racist, comic character YOGIBEAR
Snubbed Runyon’s Detroit drinking bar — it’s volatile NAPHTHA
Some buy e-book about respect OBEY
Sweet cryptic clue accepted by Daily Telegraph initially DULCET
Travel at high speed in pursuit CAREER
Up and about, protecting endangered species PANDA
Watch band making American sort of welcome TICKERTAPE