The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,903 – Aug 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Adored absorbing Neruda; extremely gifted DONATED
American audacity securing elevated target in response to tragedy? SADNESS
Body part shown by British runner coming from going uphill FORELIMB
Celebrations not beginning, sadly ALAS
Characters aboard train in Euston Square NINE
Ditching American in accord about temperature? That’s welcome GREETING
Father with fiddle, but nothing moves in part of ear PAVILION
Goddess embracing limitless Sahara; a vast desert region KALAHARI
Hot lust, perhaps, provided upsetting conclusion FINISH
Judicial group acknowledge point of survey BENCHMARK
Key support returned precisely after expert’s brought in TAPROOT
Lots of people, tense, gripped by grisly spooky tale GHOSTSTORY
Middle-class novel a good laugh, with a degree of reflection? AGASAGA
Nothing in hair right for complainant MOANER
Pound I contributed to plain area in big church BASILICA
Priest, Greek character religious graduate ignored LAMA
Primarily like a song recalled with mostly rich content? LYRICAL
Prophetic judge primarily avoiding jesting about artist ORACULAR
Pursuing something we stock? Hard to get in when the shop’s shut AFTERHOURS
Recall spiel and sell sporting accessory GOLFBAG
Responsible fellow keeping it in line? On the contrary GUILTY
Showed shame while walking over a doctor to achieve success SLAMDUNK
Small space for leading Conservative in opportunity to improve ENHANCE
Song singer initially released gets award PALM
Spanish city almost entirely enclosed in Latin road VALENCIA
Studied about my single year to get cash READYMONEY
Tar assigned to rear of deck produces instrument PITCHFORK
The least you could expect — silence in one minute? Just the reverse MINIMUM
The present cut ends in worst outcome till now TODATE
They advise you against swapping iodine for nitrogen in explosion AGONYAUNTS

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