The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,912 – Aug 26 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A belt __ all there is to keep miner’s leader on pithead SAMBROWNE
A sign of business that is open to question HUM
Artisan food preserves a name in style MECHANICAL
Awful lethargy takes over in premature retirement EARLYNIGHT
Back in the past the origin of messages OGAM
Bottom of the American barrel BUTT
Broadcasting this way would be poor/average MIEN
Concern with conviction FIRM
Cradle-songs or big band jazz? SWINGMUSIC
Demon who delights I now see in Rugby RAHU
Gay son, Joshua, finally wriggling free of San Francisco? GOYA
How enjoyable to squeeze new spots ACNE
I despise fragmenting walls with dig, incidentally SIDESWIPE
I’m told Raymond’s the man who’s going to make trouble RAISEHELL
I’ve seen the game: with second half’s dismissal of Ramsey, nil-nil written all over it SOHO
Lead characters of thematic play somewhere within AMID
Like maiden pursuing favourable outcome of playing flute? WINEGLASS
Midway through June, Eva is born NEE
Monitor of suspect pulse around middle of summer afternoon PIPEMMA
Napoleon’s ailing limb’s dressed with quince preparation MARMALADE
Overly protective of ‘Bravo Bill’, copper’s top snout TOBACCO
Perhaps unconnected wordplay etc solved here? OFFGRID
Permitted to escape deadly sentient computer HAL
Snug Bar Tony’s principal reasons not to get a round? SKINTIGHT
Starveling rejected jelly and cake RAGAMUFFIN
The 24 5s here? Yes and no DREAMTEAM
Twins, very audibly! TWO
Twist opening of canticle or its end once: not again NATHEMORE
Venetian madam cut short during it? SIGNORA
Was sorry for wiggling rear, showing more than a little cheek RUDE
Will this make us up? I don’t know PASS
You’ve got to resort island and villa, finally free of San Salvador? DALI

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