The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,916 – Sep 2 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Advance, say, bombed nation rued TRADEUNION
Appreciation shown by international instructor in 16 SENSEI
Ascending bird almost finding polar feature BERG
Bash one side of elbow in fighting arenas DOJOS
Booze upset half of folk TIPPLE
Bury hosting guide on vacation number two? INTEGER
Carry out robbery in prime locations? OBEY
Dry obit amuses fans ABSTEMIOUS
Fence non-British fighter OXER
Fine wearing crown in wine region TOKAJ
Former hospital north of state capital tackling oxygen fatigue EXHAUSTION
Hacks New Orleans in, say, Mardi Gras’ finale JOURNOS
Helping to secure backed-up sled order REGULATION
Jazz fan banned from Mexican state capital YUAN
Knocking sound due to rising oil temperature RATTAT
Labour uprising crushing most unpleasant polled assembly of Young Cons? BORSTAL
Livid Tory BLUE
Nick’s Kindle found in Turkey TROUSER
One famous key suspect in compiler’s book? IFYOUASKME
One might amend section of flight around outskirts of Venice when heading north REVISER
Perhaps Edinburgh University Press called by Thursday THRANG
Picked up Cockney who is getting over drink OUZO
Queen of Carthage arguably lazed? DIDO
Rake new riverside port ROUEN
Show behind time, one leaving agitation MOON
Sociable guy at first argues about investing old capital GREGARIOUS
Son, ignoring fine, restrains dogs SETTERS
Stomach problem? SWEATITOUT
Sub-24-hour case completely obvious when one’s arrested OUTPATIENT
Suited with tie and, primarily, evening dress MATCHED
Tidy after uniform’s put away? Not yet UNEATEN
What, in court, recalled convalescence? REHAB

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