The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,921 – Sep 13 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A foolish sort had to make trouble AGITATE
Awfully timid son now discontented is racked by doubt INTWOMINDS
Be a smart consumer getting concession when drinking in hotel with a set of drinks SHOPAROUND
By the sound of it, one opposing stake ANTE
Comedian with small room in New York for musical performer ELTONJOHN
Completes studies but departs later ENDS
Couple of notes I tore out showing piece of debris METEORITE
Describe harbour with small amount of sunshine PORTRAY
Discussion to adopt Conservative line for time? It’s a fiasco DEBACLE
Expert dropping article on ground in Crete is low-key character RETICENCE
Feel sorry about government disowning Liberal RUE
Fine display in charity bazaar FAIR
How drivers gain attention also close to depot TOOT
Lose one’s temper with game SNAP
Mistake by agricultural worker, it’s said? There’s only a trace SCINTILLA
Mostly stop round circle of light HALO
Outstanding musical composition for a pair in short DUE
Part of main dynamics for form of motor racing INDY
Pity a creep disrupted entertaining turn PARTYPIECE
Possess robes after doffing jacket OWN
Priest with story in a cycle ELI
Put an end to fit of temper right away STOP
Put good slant on short car trip SPIN
Remove loose parts from a number of things CROP
Reportedly, more noticeable feature of a rocky landscape BOULDER
Representation of green lady of iconic status LEGENDARY
Role chair played in Belgian city Charleroi
See among unstable incomes sign of a pause? SEMICOLON
Simplistic following associated with Scot on reflection NAIF
Tough university employee starts to employ brainy youth getting poorly treated HARDDONEBY
Word to greet oddly glib, posturing maestro? YOGI
Writer in film cuts tirade characterising guilt-ridden criminal? REPENTANT

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