The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,922 – Sep 14 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A short ruler’s similar AKIN
Abridge Sherlock Holmes, initially on Gold, and on catch up SHORTEN
Aim to have unconfined lions in big top’s opening INTENTION
Auction item with American sports car LOTUS
Banishment from unisex pool arranged after dropping a zip EXPULSION
Call publisher originally to replace book jacket’s design feature? LAPEL
Doctor Who and Davros absorbing essence of Red Dwarf OVERSHADOW
Fool hiding small kink TWIST
Generous promises to pay after limit placed on account CAPACIOUS
Guess it’s sugar making middle of ice-cream very soft SUPPOSE
In hotel it is totally snobbish ELITIST
Lastly, you mentioning occupational injury is threatening UGLY
Matt fixed puncture FLAT
Mean policeman with attitude to race? MIDDLEDISTANCE
Number one fast food staple? Hamburger’s a favourite, ultimately CODEINE
Old lady getting into smack on get away — arms are used here SHOOTINGRANGE
Peacekeepers and press wanting right association UNION
Problem with seabird penetrating bone STERNUM
Questionable Lib Dem plan not including university for Harlow, famously? PLATINUMBLONDE
Regularly visiting guest, unable to get regular order USUAL
Singers some paper reported CHOIR
Sportsman’s warning over athlete’s predecessor FORERUNNER
Start to record with two taps after introduction to Amazon Prime ARCH
State of Delaware ignoring Washington over carbon DECLARE
Taxi Driver, for example, dropping straight outside international court MOTIONPICTURE
Two chums having webbed feet PALMATE
Use cipher once to follow agents’ farewell CIAO
Verdi composed lines — adding finishing touches for The Leopard made little sense DRIVELLED
Wearing down gearbox occasionally — is reversing working EROSION
Writer’s stomach churning dash BRIO

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