The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,923 – Sep 15 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Asian article of clothing, reportedly THAI
Aussie vehicle seen underneath crashed lorries? That’s doubtful IRRESOLUTE
Bear with opinion we formed about article on hotel WINNIETHEPOOH
Beat constable leaders overlooked for highest position in service, maybe TREETOP
Boy consumes new peeled fruit served up daily DIURNAL
Charlie stops Native American pocketing fantastic emerald, note the very best CREMEDELACREME
Deny covering for this regularly absent broker in Wall Street? NEGOTIATE
Discover pair of smalls worn by American SUSS
Enhance stew with no end of lamb RAISE
Food store distribution very neglected DELI
Found old Conservative worried, being inspired by Liberal Democrat LOCATED
French writer’s visiting pianist occasionally in city INVERNESS
Heard cry from cat, unwell in garage, possibly MUSIC
Ill-treatment in hospital wing HARM
Nothing to follow essentially cold current savoury dish OLIO
Parted with profit day after store’s closure YIELDED
Posy of flowers, say, gone rotten NOSEGAY
Relish vaguely unknown place to worship film star SHIRLEYTEMPLE
Shout from New Yorker also aboard ship HOLLANDER
Sound of perhaps husky female at rear of court WOOF
Spontaneous individual assured of success NATURAL
Student Frank extremely visible cycling in cloak ENVELOP
Those reporting to authorities corruption in football referees? WHISTLEBLOWERS
Time for wife during flood to make an impression STAMP
Time-waster is a little scoundrel, dithering around IDLER
Topless photos, there could be money in them TILLS
Triumphs in small Australian state over right-wingers VICTORIES
Unit to measure heart’s maintaining rhythm CENTIMETRE
Unusual number ready in Bulgaria for revolution NOVEL
Yes, playing with cats will bring delight ECSTASY

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