The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,924 – Sep 16 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
American getting changed behind closed doors INCAMERA
Amp used after tango during musical passage once GREATSEA
Asian person winds east below mountain BENGALESE
Bond villain thinner, filling out before performance CONTRACT
Boozer possibly overlooking time on the watch ALERT
Children look at this river in which bass may appear CHOIR
Cleaner unwilling to be subjugated by Lord casually JCLOTH
Cross Scotland, S Type fired up? ALBATROSS
Dangerous ticker issue reviewed by sawbones’ heart doctor TIMEBOMB
Essentially ignored ‘banter’ that opposes You Tubers getting heated? ROSTI
Faltering, dear half ignored step in surgery INCISION
Film-maker in suit attends retrospective TATI
Go on cycle with my foot grazed? ROTATE
Heard punter attending alternative to Newmarket BACCARAT
Imagine singer can essentially select numbers being performed JOHNLENNON
Isn’t Jean’s pain inhibited by very good port? SAINTMALO
List about 1,000 following head count, perhaps NOBLEMAN
Maestro’s choke engaged by country resident here on raised land BENJAMINBRITTEN
Maybe join partnership of business prevailing over Queens’ Incorporated? COMEINON
Meals melted, opening chiller SALEMSLOT
Oil rig worker finally visiting facilities, singly GREASE
Old menial messenger occasionally encountered ESNE
Poet, younger still MOTIONLESS
Round biscuit shelved ONICE
Runner’s weight captured by electronics ELBE
Tip contents LIST
Tripe that fills active oven? HOTAIR
Two reserves that may be needed against injury ICEBAG
Upsetting poster appears on southern promenade STROLL

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