The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,927 – Sep 22 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
After second service slice flipping cheese here? MOUSETRAP
American writer, almost beat, getting lyrical POETIC
Attack ends of excessive beard GOATEE
Beam’s losing head seeing dessert AFTERS
Bible is certain about reported tomb? SCRIPTURE
China facing retreat returning data MATERIAL
End perhaps providing cold comfort CEASE
Endless mortar secures loose rocks SCREE
Fibrous tissue injured, swathed by dressing LIGAMENT
Fugitive getting away with time inside FLEETING
Future of the French? Not great DESTINY
Incorrigible kind welcoming Tories’ leader CONGENITAL
Livery stable UNIFORM
Minister with fortune before press turns CHANCELLOR
Morning, since not a person rises FORENOON
Nearly explode finding mistake GOOF
Not really fair giving corner NOOK
Possibly mother or father split PARENT
Press copy runs in vacuous press PAPERS
Red mullet, say, always being caught FEVERISH
Reluctant to wear Church dress CLOTHE
River found in one’s estate ACRES
Rule empire including glorious nation, initially? REIGN
Sitting in sun around garden yard SEDENTARY
Some tommyrot, arrant, holding up storyteller NARRATOR
Spontaneous former English politician in split EXTEMPORE
Thrill of umpteenth rally ENTHRAL
Topless intimacy with buxom model EXAMPLE

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