The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,928 – Sep 23 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
& 16 9, inside, it should have one ‘Quiet’ sign installed BRITISH
& 19 National home with foundering listed? Maybe, I’m not sure WEMBLEY
‘Dad’s botched Tower theft’ as told by Colonel’s son? BLOODRELATION
50-year-old journo’s rate of pay? LINAGE
A sharp change, end of summer to middle of November, approximately? AUTUMN
Are blurred pictures like this in Warhol’s dismal frames? GRAINY
Civil, I did mild mix, showing them all up ROMANNUMERALS
Cube root of 27? Ditto! III
Decline the love of Robert Browning originally? EBB
Equitably acquire services of broadcaster? BYRIGHTS
Frank pictures from the East in spectators’ range STRAIGHT
Granary bread is short of a filling in my book? More than one! CORNLOFT
Love of a different sport, perhaps Holland crushing India NIL
Off limits, ‘nosy’ guy ASA
Privates hereabouts suffering for eternity? NETHERREGIONS
Reproduce the usual rubbish PARROT
Screen a series of Stones concerts SCONCE
Second scorer a reciprocal service provider BACKSCRATCHER
See 14 Across LIBRARY
See 3 Down STADIUM
Setter speaks ill of 25 resident? ISLANDER
Strait hurried through on return river journey? NARROW
To land on old nag, front of saddle repositioned ASHORE
Unemployment papers presented to not so welcoming nurse IDLENESS
Way to get round unopened Soave shared at cruciverbal gathering? RINGROAD
What’s keen yet wavering operator finally pressed? ENTERKEY
Where beach borders the shimmering loch’s edge? SHETLAND
Will she do Bob doubles — or double? RINGER

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