The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,930 – Sep 28 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A Western deprived of Oscar is possibly flat ACCIDENTAL
Account we hear bona fide banks cited RECITAL
By leaving Spain, where bad driver may end up THROUGH
Crew from both sides of Honduras HANDS
Deny, e.g., King Edward overthrown REBUT
Eliot initially turned up new handle or nom de plume STENDHAL
English linesman having second to think in Paris SPENSER
Father’s areas to keep bees, by the sound of it ABBA
Give title to book in one line I cut foolishly ENNOBLE
Good saving returns generating interest GRAB
Honour actor finally playing Shakespearean role OBERON
Jerseys, say, Conservative PM once shortened CATTLE
Line for The Apprentice, given lucre ran out LEARNINGCURVE
Make unsightly winter garment female abandons SCAR
Make up lunch now? ATONE
Max, Mike and Jack hosted by a sober individual ATMOST
Maybe a grateful grandma — she stitches coats ASHES
Motive of crime, short of time REASON
Raised game in finale going on a long time ENDURING
Rock song then cover of Erasure for rock group STONEHENGE
Show backward country gripped by fear? Thus the problem may be solved TRIALANDERROR
Slip behind yellow area with many layers CHICKENRUN
Stressful moment fixing fences NAILBITING
Tablets picked up giving relief EASE
US general stores overwhelm exhausted shopper CUSTOMER
Words such as a bizarre realist pens in chapter ARTICLES

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