The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,933 – Oct 4 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Around Beds town, image of igneous rock PLUTONIC
Batting disaster cut in broadcast? PAIR
Concerned with meaning of piece in quotes, written up SEMANTIC
Cut, a bit of a fiddle ABRIDGE
Dish is found in cave, unopened RISOTTO
Fill pack currently occupied with minimum of food INFUSE
For example, one deep colour CARDINAL
Gas ring on with heat evenly spread NITROGEN
Green leaf I angled back, somewhat NAIF
Hot food, cooler serving? PORRIDGE
House brightly painted? ORANGE
Mammal possibly needing a lift up to catch wings of cuckoo RACCOON
Miss held up by partner, abandoned DESOLATE
Number one fish for bird STARLING
Operatic figure seen in Verdi’s old Ernani ISOLDE
Partial attempt to acquire answer, only odd letters checked BIASED
Picture game in pieces SNAPSHOT
Piece in newspaper featuring workers on newspaper FRAGMENT
PM in hole, did you say? PITT
Powerfully rhythmic music in dance HIPHOP
Present president, bovine HEREFORD
Retrieve number from Fab Four GETBACK
Russian ready to skim surface of deep water ROUBLE
Solver filling spaces with misspellings, originally HOLMES
Squeeze, see, in a big way HUGELY
Strong tissue — significant amount bandaging foot TENDON
Suffering in boy unfortunately very much like it? BILLYO
Swimmer hit a bad patch FLOUNDER
Two or three points, most original NEWEST
Work on hands I covered primarily in muck MANICURE
Working with series that’s in production ONLINE
Wreck: one consumed by bomb RUIN

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