The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,934 – Oct 5 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Annoyed with rubbish at end of game GOTAT
Article about pub on street being ‘most deficient’ THINNEST
Awfully clear to me that person’s been held up? LATECOMER
Beginning anything but a trendy clique? OUTSET
Culture in which commander and king embrace Hindu music? AGARAGAR
Defence, brilliant, that is protecting lively man DEFILADE
Engineers certain to go after a record again REMEASURE
Groundbreaking symposium given a change of direction SEMINAL
Herald of the gods or some other messenger? HERMES
Incisive projections? BUCKTEETH
Information on horrendous king, shah or emperor GENGHISKHAN
Noble person will be denied this if buried at sea LANDGRAVE
Nothing is cleaner! VACUUM
Partner in a nest on fire ANIMATED
Philosopher borders on optimistic, leading academic stream OCCAM
Play round, then relax with opponents at table ORESTES
Regret when daughter is hauled in before head for bad behaviour RUDENESS
RHS chum may net hybridised flowering plant CHRYSANTHEMUM
Says entrance is denied to clubs UTTERS
Singer who, over the years, changed the face of rock CLIFF
Symbol of vote — in short, X — for entertainer CROSBY
Ten leaders I fancy will be given immortal status? ETERNALISED
They must be repeatedly smart with sea being rough, these officers? MASTERSATARMS
Traveller taking major road, getting charitable donation? MIGRANT
Two pounds in supermarket for a slice of meat, in some places COLLOP
University little short of a gem ASTON
Violent tirade involving a politician RAMPANT
Went up and addressed Greek island, performed to entertain it ACCOSTED

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