The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,935 – Oct 6 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A Muppet with a female name ANITA
Account by son involved in row about coming to office ACCESSION
After refusal, detective signals assent NODS
Aim of busy environmentalist, saving marvels at sea INTENTION
Bold laundering money for American with external support SWASHBUCKLING
Brown book uncovered UMBER
Cat in this drop would be hurt SHED
Celebrity party hosted by Labour leader? I’m hesitant to go STARDOM
Claimed part of body gets bitten by Welshman ALLEGED
Cryptic crossword’s primarily composition to occupy target ENCODED
Cycling clubs release series of reports SPUTTER
Disconcerted Punch journalist supporting article ABASHED
Enchanting place announced cost to ride antelope FAIRYLAND
Hit back on item at back RETALIATED
Impressive ornate picture frames EPIC
Incredible mind a genius endlessly exercised UNIMAGINED
Instruments we hear annoy ancient settlers TRIANGLES
Language in which pupil’s set first bit of homework IRISH
Mates one put up in Hilton PAIRS
Metal in non-solid state on salver is deceiving LEADINGASTRAY
Moving hinged brackets close to me made beastly sound NEIGHED
Passage this writer will read aloud AISLE
Pitches in Italian town cut by good person going round ASSISTS
Plants go by craft, taken to the west DAHLIAS
Relax being left in bed with space SLACKEN
Scratch handle turned in regular train REAR
Scruffy lad served up jelly and cake RAGAMUFFIN
Slug oddly found on dirty bear SUSTAIN
Teachers against, not for, people singing CONFESSORS
Tight spot to accommodate large screen BLIND

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