The Telegraph – TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,962 – Nov 23 2022 Crossword Solution

Clues Answers
A Parisian eats out, maybe provided spirits UNDINES
African wasn’t a criminal TSWANA
Expecting niece, ten, to be naughty ENCEINTE
Fish making old boy churn over in Lancaster? BURBOT
Forest area half destroyed and dead in which knight is buried ARGONNE
Frustrated husband and daughter grasping electrical unit HAMPERED
Group of stars once performing in dreadful rooms MONOCEROS
Herb provided when little child ill (bit of rumble inside) CHERVIL
Hints of sun everywhere, day being calm SEDATE
I mostly adhere to written account, following reasoning LOGISTIC
Incapacitated soldiers shelter inside, past being rescued? UNRECOVERABLE
Keen, having bent mostly to sing TRENCHANT
Maid working outside Bury for the time being ADINTERIM
Maiden in the sea in trouble — one helps manipulate the ship MAINSHEET
Meditation of Greek character sitting by grass MUSING
Men about to penetrate hard stuff to produce ground stuff CORNMEAL
Number wait, losing heart, for official NOTARY
Old transport structure high up, not a tube OVIDUCT
Once again deal with bad situation for army RETREAT
One facilitates a cleaner mode of transport CARWASH
Plant one gong on soldier ‘heartily’ IMBED
Possibly select male lacking a bit of energy as basis for life-sciences research STEMCELL
Pub drink much colder than room temperature? BITTER
Smart man delving into a set of books, a literary collection ANALECTA
Station north of large city BASEL
The fellow probing odd discharge RHEUM
What dog turned up in bit of lace? RUCHE
Working in the garden is raising the spirits? Anything but! DISHEARTENING

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