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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jul 10 2018

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Clues Answers
About turn to perform again REACT
After a time payment made for property ATTRIBUTE
Ancient Greek pigeon HOMER
Apply to have fresh Scots Own PERTAIN
Bread-like composition made by distressed lackey in a way? On the contrary LARDYCAKE
Burn record that’s got left out SINGE
Bury together INTER
Charity given to canine artist put over as sweetener PALMSUGAR
Delay is nice — haste foolish HESITANCE
Employee with rod in front of Queen STAFFER
Flirt terribly with employees on vacation — perhaps they’re full of sherry? TRIFLES
Gathered to follow space tourist visiting Cornwall EMMET
Goon makes point SPIKE
How priest’s arrayed with faith — one that’s saved may have this? INVESTMENTTRUST
Clues Answers
Left race and repaired wheels in America RETIRED
Mammals eating in broadcast may reveal it ANIMALMAGNETISM
Measurements of heat with nothing in container THERMOS
News three times a day in grammar school TIDINGS
One that abstains from exercising neurons NONUSER
Pain suffered in extra time initially by Scots and other countrymen EGYPTIANS
Papers backed writing of poetry that offers variety DIVERSIFICATION
Seamen in tatty clothes collecting money RATINGS
This person is beaten up and confined IMPOUNDED
Unpleasant area holy person’s seen in big city NASTY
What could follow Lord putting lock on lavatory? PRIVYSEAL
What property is supposed to be in the paper? THEFT
Whole armies unexpectedly present, briefly SUMMARISE
You can’t enter this time FOURTHDIMENSION