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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jul 11 2018

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Clues Answers
Act as a board can be defeated? BEATABLE
Affectionate touch in peck is seen KISS
Black is not unusual for ditch JETTISON
Brief influences success FLYINGCOLOURS
Change of old, old transport PENNYFARTHING
Continue swinging, following ensemble? It’s a successful trend BANDWAGON
Damn monsoon conditions in hot country BAHRAIN
Fighting insect with no love for geniality WARMTH
Filleting being done, for the most part, badly DEBONING
Fix a European city RIGA
Gather for hearing in African country GHANA
I confess, girl is a sticker ISINGLASS
Immediate action where claws are out? WILDCATSTRIKE
Irish answer question, one from another nation? IRAQI
Clues Answers
Joiner in pain during marathon? RUNNINGSTITCH
Meat painter BACON
Militant finally given the sack after uprising — a liability? DEBT
Not opening, funny eye OCULAR
Note to take shortly TONIC
Position managed, top job RANKING
Prince of Darkness, lighter LUCIFER
Race row unfortunately involving Olympic hosts, one seeking natural justice? ECOWARRIOR
Tailor wants linen for sport played in white? LAWNTENNIS
Tatty plaid I see in waste DILAPIDATE
Those on the rails, passing? CURTAINS
Wild animal put back, getting well FLOW
With US friend adrift on river, someone riding across the water WINDSURFER
Yank beneath stage producing funny trick LEGPULL