The Telegraph – Toughie – Jul 13 2018

Clues Answers
… caught Scotsman, not initially Geordie fence … CORDON
… Cockney trio released FREE
Bladed items airline, possibly, reported HOES
Busy male close to stopping, aware of limits ONTHEGO
Carrot stick with covering of peanut oil oddly ignored ENTICEMENT
Collection of petitions: Restore poor bakery PRAYERBOOK
Critical journalist blasted the match with article HATCHETMAN
Crook admitting penitency at last over past BEYOND
Dish one has designed with ceramic base MACARONICHEESE
Drink that perissodactyl has SODA
European city that is attractive BONNIE
Full barrel in bar ROTUND
Insecure teen’s tried on garment for personal benefit VESTEDINTEREST
Least productive outings at stores ARIDEST
Clues Answers
Make usual pact — one’s to split beer CONVENTIONALISE
Male person with weapon is soldier, perhaps MARCHER
More liquid one fed to climbing plant RUNNIER
One of two downfalls fitting here; don’t put right answer in RUIN
Opening of craft beverage with pronounced sound PORTHOLE
Policeman tense arresting Scotsman and Geordie, perhaps … DIALECT
Redouble constant hard work and get on with it CHOPCHOP
Requests a vermouth served up between courses ENTREATIES
Rodents take from kitchen regularly DORMICE
Stock sweet liquid extracted from pulped watermelons NORMAL
Train second side, not all there on ground STEAMLOCOMOTIVE
Uniform leaves in tree POPLAR
Went on large shed from rickety bird table RABBITED
Whizz kid almost entirely rejected the French waster PRODIGAL

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