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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jul 17 2018

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Clues Answers
Abet. Be expelled. Having done wrong, repented ATONED
Are early settlers PREPAY
Areas of factual writing REALMS
Can’t be frozen. That’s obvious NOTICEABLE
Choose one in twelve. It’s mandatory NOOPTION
Cruel people should be kept outside area MEAN
Cut one of two pages out and tore to pieces SNIPED
Did work on the farm — we had traps in now WINNOWED
Distance I left myself to cover MILE
Engaged plethora of actors for film. Dull OVERCAST
Food, alas, upset diners — no stomach for it SALADS
Gracious! Half that is sheer fiction MYTH
In a word, though there’s been a volte face, nothing’s changed PALINDROME
In day by day personal fight, going south DOWNWARD
Clues Answers
Inessential, having crossed the Channel DETROP
It’s about protecting everyone riding a horse STALLION
One will come up after fight and be taking minion into custody BLACKEYE
Over and over disheartened minister PASTOR
Price of a suit? LEGALCOSTS
Pronounced groundbreaker in German music LIEDER
Seismic activity in epicentre more evident TREMOR
Silly dare — break in, getting apprehended by police ARRESTED
Squeezes casing … it works WRITINGS
Still hiding, very upset INVERT
Take up music in school ETON
They reckon we may not see them hiding in the grass ADDERS
Why work out? REASON
Whyever set off before it’s all over? EVERYWHERE