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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jul 20 2018

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Clues Answers
A European vet talking CZECH
A way to be accepted by Soviet hostages ETHOS
Again drink in bar, sober, surprisingly REABSORB
Can one do work, even? ODDJOBBER
Carry on Camping’s start hidden by a sheep ACTUP
Choice of light with river crossing DELUXE
Computer company rejected man associated with razor OCCAM
Conservative in EU plot sacked by 8 OCTUPLE
Couple, at heart, also peasants YOKELS
Crack troops trapped by alien plant? EQUIPMENT
Facelift after cut and blow? SIDESWIPE
Fish — er, supporting big band OSSETER
Golf club carried by veteran Daly RANDA
Icy water swelled around ship first of all ROSSSEA
Indian dance fan grabs a companion NAUTCH
Lion regularly rears small animals LORISES
Clues Answers
Live with lady keeping French boudoir item BEDFRAME
Mark? Mark? Or forget to mark? ANTONYM
Mister Blue Rinse minced NEBULISER
Not affected as engineers SINCERE
Old man circling church to avoid dog DACHSHUND
On the left, almost any basic defence REDAN
One kind of pressure is too much, oddly treated OSMOTIC
Ornamental shape of rings edging small book OVOLO
Return key with one caught opening drawer ENTICER
Sharp object to wrap with string TWINE
Show one empire in ruins? Rome’s out of order! PREMIERE
Soldier on a grave PERSEVERE
Swell, as pipe full of potatoes? SMASHING
Times news, for example BYWORD
Wind is following mostly common stomach ailment GASTRITIS
With more bread being white, real crackers WEALTHIER