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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jul 24 2018

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Clues Answers
A bad yacht, one abandoned in US resort DAYTONABEACH
Ace thus would be in court, facing the judge? ONTRIAL
As ‘hip’ radio broadcast revealing sexual disorder APHRODISIA
Bird yours truly spotted in Devon and Cornwall? SMEW
Blessings given by female priest meeting large communities? FELICITIES
Drug expert joining firm, one named Michael? CRACKCOCAINE
Exit, say, on ship EGRESS
French name for its city’s herald LYON
Front made of wood, not stone FORE
Hesitation about Stephen? Performer held to be stroppy REFRACTORY
Little birds, no good, knocked over stone slabs STELAE
Little fellow given endless support STAN
Man in trouble with doggie, almost losing it GOINGMAD
Mark’s condition NICK
More irritable, wanting to score in row TETCHIER
Clues Answers
Nothing’s properly cooked, darling! LOVEDONE
Old dope, by the way, is something that can make you ill PATHOGEN
Old Greek ambassador has got hold of Nellie HELLENE
Once more pick up what is found in train REHEAR
Plan he once conjured up, being a brain ENCEPHALON
Poet to be filled with wonder looking over lake MARVELL
Sketch English river flowing west during the course of a day DELINEATE
Some Parisian wanting love recently, feeling loneliness DESOLATELY
Sort of tree one’s found by river ACER
Staying power in short supply — hurry to swallow that chemical HISTAMINE
The foreign newspaper is beginning to turn against reactionary ideas LEFTIST
This composer (It.) could produce divertimento maybe? MONTEVERDI
Tower has small room — with one of two possible letters on it? LOOM
Water flowing from black vessel BURN
Wear rag HAVEON