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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jul 25 2018

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Clues Answers
Bag of bones e.g. dancer’s in a spin SCRAGEND
Bibliophiles or what keeps their interest up? BOOKCASES
Bowled with reverse swing trapping unknown hard Northern big-hitter BREZHNEV
Celibate chivvied stridently CHASTE
Commonplace fish ordered by posh diner? TRITE
Confession of ignorance from a stumped setter? IHAVENTACLUE
Criminal held raid using two different planes DIHEDRAL
Daly’s former partner raised excellent grower FORSYTHIA
Destroy books containing short story? Quite the opposite TOTAL
Do one square LEGIT
Endless basil sauce can be bother PEST
Following disorganised protest in anorak TRAINSPOTTER
Freddie’s opening with a new shot: it’s what Queen invited clown to do FANDANGO
Leave when one’s not at one�s best OFFDAY
Mobile phone ringing line could be hindrance NOHELP
Clues Answers
Not quite able to escape burning moorland mirage HEATHAZE
Nothing missing from a dry onion spread that’s vegan NONDAIRY
Old boy tucked into cold-filled tortilla for a quid perhaps TOBACCO
Otherwise making a threat? ORELSE
Problem with husband�s incessant desire HITCH
Redundant actor? EXTRA
Request computer back-up or risk trouble ASKFORIT
Saint coming out of film studio including Moore’s debut that’s thoroughly wooden ELMTREE
See through Scandinavian group’s welcome ALOHA
Ship built around yard capsizing bumped into structure SYSTEM
Smarter to reflect before one goes for English check again REEDIT
Taste sec blends — sip from a dozen bottles as trial run? TESTCASE
Unnatural action in a plant NICOTIANA
What are the odds of bargains being found in such a tub? BRAN
What one might see looking up Bjork, possibly NORTHSTAR