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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jul 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Attention given to story initially reported on a previous date EARLIER
Boss wanting change after power goes around pit EMINENCE
Cricketer, wretched youngster, missing out on runs BAT
Curate finally overcome, missing first religious festival EASTER
Fermented ale and dour roll ROULADE
Gather film of Broads to be distributed ADSORB
I had expression of surprise over a Northern US resident IDAHOAN
Layer-on of hands hath a relief brought about FAITHHEALER
Location of washers below vents evenly put in recently LAUNDERETTE
Machine offering some risk exciting to braindead men ONEARMEDBANDIT
Make up for the grocery scales? COUNTERBALANCE
Mostly cured, suppressing endless fever, revealing some pain? BAGUETTE
Moving around on and off, nine a bed, sadly due, we hear, to be homeless OFNOFIXEDABODE
Note Saturn misrepresented right here? NEUTRONSTAR
Clues Answers
Old family abroad, wasting year in Japanese island OKINAWA
Old soccer star facing girlfriend? Perfectly fine till now! BESTBEFOREDATE
Past name engraved in clock face across the square DIAGONAL
Record-player control shifting one end of piece and start of other STEREO
Ruler overthrowing Congress and King XERXES
Soak with water to prepare for different function RETRAIN
Soldier with head cut threatened merchant in drama ANTONIO
Stuff of transfusion: A&E doctor encountering clot in hospital at first HAEMOGLOBIN
Treatment of our veins neglecting one of psychiatric symptoms NERVOUS
Unconscious, having head swiped in fight OUT
Understand answer before inserting noun, fool DINGBAT
Unwell? Fine to avoid everything one can eat ILL
Victorian bounder’s capacity to dodge getting married ROO
What’ll hold sparrow? Offer tree around river BIRDLIME