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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jul 27 2018

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Clues Answers
& 8 Say (as client, e.g.): ‘I’m disgruntled with parrot’ REGISTERA
25/12’s first offering interest on top PARTRIDGE
A problem for corporation, beautiful woman appropriating pleasure craft endlessly BELLYACHE
After tango, both of us texting bird TUI
But ill-disposed to job in City parts? OBJECTION
DJ sacked due to decking that’s wrong TUXEDO
East Indian residents grab Roman guards ABROMA
Excellent manufacturer of honey and fine meaty rations BULLYBEEF
Expression of one dissatisfied Egyptian King! TUT
Genius? No time to come to our country without it! BIRDBRAIN
Heath-dwellers take advantage going round resort of ours REDGROUSE
Help into narrow lead in match? ALEGUP
Horrified, heading off #crashed AGHAST
I’m obliged to get behind independent oil producer ITA
In conclusion, cracking shot TRENDY
Clues Answers
In light of our West becoming Wilder, start to leave time for shooting GLORIOUSTWELFTH
Incite tomboy to enter gym PROMPT
It is cooking with dash of coriander in new rice pan CRITICISE
Jersey etc having the last word over pictures CINEMA
Mountain-dwellers harass scamp having grass cut up PTARMIGAN
Not all of the side plates may be put out for it TEA
Now centre of 27 12 is a legitimate target? THEGROUSESEASON
One of the trainee doctors you may see, it’s rumoured, sequentially INTURN
Only Connect on after the watershed? RELATE
Reversible section of fifth cranial graft INARCH
Rubbish about man with a tip for Simon Nye? PHEASANTS
See 25 Across COMPLAINT
Settled shelters remain, though ALBEIT
Spot a Greek letter T inscribed STIGMA
Taking advantage of 19 rematch? AFTERGAME