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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jul 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Almost twenty, part of face finally getting hot SCORCHING
Anger shown by celeb upset about cross opponents BELLIGERENCE
Band lisped musical number THONG
Begrudge standing in for a person on screen? PRESENTER
Block narrow road CLOSE
Change schools when one goes silent TRANSMUTE
Debate targets house undergoing renovation ARGUETHETOSS
Disprove one posting videos online is making a comeback? Not you REBUT
Happen to find ring caught by dog OCCUR
In revolutionary church, angry vigilantes like a preacher EVANGELISTIC
Incident, obvious, papers ignored EVENT
Isolated in flat, people with time to spare APART
Joust between two adults good with just uncovered spears? ASPARAGUS
Clues Answers
Lover briefly embraces married instructor SWAMI
On opening, promoted communications device PAGER
Peacekeepers recklessly say help is out of proportion UNSHAPELY
Pop could get Oscar, having managed G. Depardieu on a regular basis ORANGEADE
Run more? EXTRA
Second chance to see trio, anyplace, anyhow ACTIONREPLAY
Settlement that could be an early one if put under pressure? REPAYMENT
Shriek from animal on a rock face, we hear CATERWAUL
Sticky stuff? Be naughty again RESIN
Style of humour that could become racialist SATIRICAL
This swimmer fighting with cops could be spectator TETRA
Unpleasant task fetching up old gold OCHRE
Waylay coach, boarding in the morning, tailed by young officer briefly AMBUSCADE
Without pause announce a singer’s engaged UNCEASING