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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jul 4 2018

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Clues Answers
… steals the article mentioned about first lady THIEVES
25 from which I’ll drop a beat, initially delighting old chap in former Middle Eastern state MUSCATANDOMAN
Buffet we enjoyed, including sweet TWEE
Cable has sandwiches with Her Majesty HAWSER
Comfortable situation that could go downhill? EASYSTREET
Corrupted disk? Bring the head in from Google (London area)! KNIGHTSBRIDGE
Creature needs to eat, missing nothing, coming in terribly near ANTEATER
From one’s shelf for ‘Humour’: ‘Back Around Ten’ EXLIB
Heather, holding firm, put back man behind bars ERICCOATES
Hog! 9 cars he wrecked, avoiding small person leading us a merry dance! CHOREOGRAPHER
Hospital in cobbled street, in which staunch business will produce film THEDAMBUSTERS
Manage to put poem into Old English OVERSEE
Maybe 10 and 11 in side learnt painfully? TAILENDERS
Mike entertains me informally, giving works by 1 Across, perhaps? MUSIC
Clues Answers
Money fine, arranged to purchase grand slicer BREADKNIFE
Never caressed? Never mind! LETALONE
Patient’s departed RESIGNED
Rip’s involved in veritable eye for an eye … REPRISAL
Sleek tram travels and turns at Aviemore? TELEMARKS
Some Patagonian eisteddfod participants put up in walled city SIENA
Staff with overweight types when Penny leaves WORKERS
Terribly fearsome, reviewed from afar, but calm EASE
Terrorist occasionally makes mistakes ERRS
The setter’s favourite American drive IMPETUS
Theatre roof’s western section’s not original REPRO
They might turn round wearing green, taking heart from 20 INVERTERS
They only receive single tokens in a pack ACES
Wrong receptacle leaking hydrogen ASTRAY