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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jul 6 2018

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Clues Answers
A group contributing to climate, but not me? HALOGENS
Bone in good health after sides are exchanged TALUS
Bottom of lost, powerless lackey getting hit for so long TOODLEPIP
Capital port that could be excellent if the top 50% is saved for later? KINGSTON
Claim this novel method for stemming disappearance of rhino? CASHLIMIT
Consider stupid person across floor LOOKON
Elementary matter of changing ringtone NITROGEN
Fit to hold boxer’s last fight ARGUE
Force unopened lock TRESS
Glum single bloke is disheartened SOLEMN
Husband regularly heard quote about apostate HERETIC
It affects view from new Tipperary home HYPERMETROPIA
Material delivered by corrupt Senate SATEEN
Memory initially affected after air stopped short, causing OTT behaviour MELODRAMA
Clues Answers
Mineral water at last needed by a cracking composer REALGAR
More contributors to sex trade? EXTRA
Note grooves encircling a rotating planet SATURN
Old boat worker briefly brought back shells round Channel Island NOAHSARK
On which late correspondents may connect committees supporting European agreements OUIJABOARDS
Quietly contrive to agree over key arrangement? PIANOCONCERTO
Runs daughter in car somewhere in Wales RHONDDA
Sort of film adult in bar having to shift when one enters ROADMOVIE
Stigma surrounding large old despot STALIN
Unnamed food stores stocking small cakes PASTRIES
Weeds grass outside, say, Oxford emporium SHOESHOP
Whine when finally cutting retro jeans SNIVEL
Work up appetite, primarily to eat fast food in Italy POLENTA
Youth beginning to arrange deal caught in a meltdown ADOLESCENCE