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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jun 14 2018

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Clues Answers
A Big Apple affair? It’s not love ANYTHING
Agent behind rise to go off with money SOURDOUGH
Award regime conferred on knight, for doing as one’s told OBEDIENT
Awful ballet with name cast LAMENTABLE
Bandage hit male SWATHE
Charge one’s placed on earl IMPUTE
Diamonds may be expected here ONTHECARDS
Dog stayed still between two men ALSATIAN
Duck having bitten top off flower is in a bad way NAUGHTILY
Face rejection of support by student DIAL
Foreign ruler has Queen taking note EMIR
I hear you are an American Olympian URANUS
Iodine — it cleans round the bend, like starch? INELASTIC
It’s said this setter admits material can contain such holes EYELETS
Joint statement ARTICULATION
Clues Answers
Lead in ‘Endgame’ I’m acting badly — it’s obscure ENIGMATIC
Mountain dweller who chews gum and betel with Bill when climbing PANDA
Office staff stay in? BATON
Old rustic brought up in unconventional way BOHO
Pastry, not an entr´┐Że perhaps DISH
Pointless letter in academic press to Twitter CHIRRUP
Redemption is a possibility with this takeover happening COUPON
Retain memory of constant pain CACHE
Scarlet woman’s item of jewellery creating a diversion REDHERRING
Seaman in command safeguarding holy books of religious writings TANTRIC
Streaming passages perhaps where Irish tin is mined RHINITIS
The bean scale, to put it another way? BALANCESHEET
Universal film star, after rejection, given a raise UPPED
Viewing that’s a draw for Barbican WATCHTOWER
Where dissidents were sent by heads of Soviet intelligence — one in particular SIBERIA