The Telegraph – Toughie – Jun 19 2018

Clues Answers
‘Wheelless car’ gets half column. Fall for it in America AUTUMN
A number in retirement earn NET
Almost coy hesitation DEMUR
Anti-glare device that’s often brown or blue EYESHADE
Back again with a captive listener EAR
Bare bones of ‘4’ mentioned SKULLS
Blazing wood, throw outside FLASHING
Building hard by river HOUSE
Coax, moment mother leaves, with wafer? ENTICE
Condescend to accept small drawing DESIGN
Desire to find out how one’s sins can be cured NOSINESS
Dog dropping ball in does tricks DODGES
Elected to get something done, unquestionably INDEED
Fitting in better in the bag CAPTURED
Free with one’s money PAYRANSOM
Gather ship skirts small boats SCULLS
Clues Answers
Goes off, having installed bug for secret police GESTAPO
Ignoring bloomers, nude out of shape requiring change of diet UNEDITED
In final house-breaking, becomes violent LASHESOUT
Isn’t bad, furthermore being installed as deputy STANDIN
Lugs to put in lift TOTES
Modifies commercials to entertain only ADJUSTS
On the whole, a nice eccentric partnership ALLIANCE
Or else, taking turn for the worse, one is admitted OTHERWISE
Said when — deters getting drunk ASSERTED
Saved from flood, daughter sheltering is oblivious INTHEDARK
Terrible mishmash masking defect BLEMISH
Twit causes missing cue (not altogether) ASS
Under joint ownership for stated time OUR
With which wizards begin and end to work their magic WANDS
Working? No TURNEDON
Young lady has backing of editor in chief MAIDEN

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