The Telegraph – Toughie – Jun 22 2018

Clues Answers
After marriage vow, with husband buried in box, perhaps, the state one’s in? WIDOWHOOD
America’s film industry would cover this Spanish city in 2000 OVIEDO
Bargain basement’s bottom heap TRUCK
Bird losing energy to massage topless house keeper PUBLICAN
British Liberal blocks deviating regulation BYLAW
Chanteuse fine to eat large spicy dish PILAFF
Clerical bodies pronounce agreements, ignoring answer SYNODS
Composer of arpeggios for flute, for one GLASS
Copper nabbing unpleasant person with a bumbling detective CLOUSEAU
Cross connected with a rival saint XAVIER
First hot month on river INAUGURAL
First off, relatives must catch taxi without fighting AMICABLY
Food returned, mostly fat, for a nicker BURGLAR
Great cathedral let sacristan put up screens STELLAR
Hollywood location covered by scrub? LAUNDER
Jokingly seeing son is about to shoot up INJECT
Clues Answers
Leading positions go in management of large plants FORESTRY
Narrow fissure a trailer reported in volcanic island KRAKATOA
One weird tip for duvet, shaking its cover EIDERDOWN
Pet rock finally discarded by creep SULK
Platonic attachment of Nero, say, in pre-Christian time BROMANCE
Psychiatrist who causes confusion when missing a day ADLER
Recognise deficient bishop as boss KNOB
Refrain from, as the French say, splitting stream BURDEN
Second small banknote, note extracted for bribe SWEETENER
Sentimentally pretty wife wearing casual top TWEE
Sister to decline white robe after raising yaks BLABBERS
Skate around apparently less healthy banter RAILLERY
Staff in centre deteriorate CORRODE
Start of high growth with grassy leaves RUSH
Third-party safekeeping for goods in key dispute ESCROW
US president shortly to receive a shock TRAUMA

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