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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jun 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Asymmetrical small garden in capital SKEW
At home approve old colour INDIGO
Average chap conserves energy MEAN
Beg naughty child to leave learning LORE
Cause for debate REASON
Crackpot mostly red tomato lover AMORETTO
Dessert for 16 TRIFLE
Epic song Kelly plays after throwing out unknown instrument GLOCKENSPIEL
Excellent hairstyle for opera AIDA
Fishy-looking cloud formation? MACKEREL
Heather’s abbreviated language LING
Jane’s disaster in film? CALAMITY
Knight jumped, it’s said, over madman keen to help himself? KLEPTOMANIAC
Learner swamped by faults swerves DEFLECTS
Not impressed when ruled out by male editor UNDERWHELMED
Clues Answers
Old orderly’s regularly proud to accompany heartless lady RULY
One who cajoles cyclist to go round head of Dales WHEEDLER
Sailor providing force in charge TARIFF
Salesman, creative-sounding, makes witty retort? REPARTEE
Scholarly, you are, they say, banned from books LITERATE
Service? Don’t stand on this CEREMONY
Sluggish island resident catches cold INACTIVE
Some try out hiking in the period before getting old YOUTH
Sticky having primarily used brush in 24 hours DAUBY
Student´┐Żs university taken in by top grades at cooking POSTGRADUATE
Though not loud, rising hoax produces exclamation OOPS
Tiny amount for Hellenic character IOTA
Twice converted those, not English, to be successful people HOTSHOTS
Whole numbers of greetings going astray — not good! INTEGERS
Wrongly try to exonerate a no-gooder, initially? This person might! ATTORNEY