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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jun 27 2018

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Clues Answers
Additional item missing from military group: US soldier’s dog CORGI
Bereft over interrupting Icelandic MPs, taking a risk ALLORNOTHING
Bewitching performer to come on stage, keeping song short ENCHANTER
Bloom, dead-headed, is not so tall LOWER
Decaying and exhausted, swallowing food, getting energy WORMEATEN
Experienced a Parisian river UNDERWENT
Fail to hit one in a very long time? They get put out EMISSIONS
Hearts not in increasingly exclusive problem POSER
I can be so upset with start of excessive reverence OBEISANCE
Lancaster somehow associated with ancient families? ANCESTRAL
Mostly put down gold furnishings DECOR
Not moving fast? TONUP
Part of personality was dominant or was quiescent IDLED
Place to display artist in flat, with ecstasy in powdered form PARADEGROUND
Clues Answers
Police operations in Tyneside catching 50 youngsters NESTLINGS
Produce I left around rear of farmhouse (in yard) YIELD
Refuse to acknowledge stand-up’s opening with poor jokes SCORN
Removing corruption from Conservative in Government initially? Inclines to get involved CLEANSING
Skill in audio? Definitely not NOHOW
Small crew’s happening to find vessel STEAMSHIP
Snow trip involved with rest? Hardly, where these are concerned WINTERSPORTS
Son in control, producing stuff for violinist? RESIN
Tannoy in station garbled first thing on menu ANTIPASTO
That fellow coming from part of SE Asia, avoiding mass of mountains HIMALAYAN
True line of reigning family, overlooking first member LOYAL
Type of popular music, variable and uncertain ROCKY
Victory for St. Etienne, not quite relegated — lot of light shed here FRENCHWINDOW
Woman’s article about cryptic clue of remarkable strength HERCULEAN