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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jun 28 2018

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Clues Answers
All you need to know is in this new play, I concede ENCYCLOPEDIA
Around six, Bill is hungry AVID
Birds flying from either end of museums EMUS
Continue to avoid eastern part of Red Sea REMAIN
Count departs terminus DEPEND
Cowboy town foreshadows the end of rustler and trickster DODGER
Doris ate cooked starfish ASTEROID
Endlessly windy poet’s taking over competition site DRAUGHTBOARD
Fat jerk discovered where food is kept LARDER
Got paper after a hundred died ACQUIRED
Hasty Queen beheaded devil QUICK
Host put illicit rum with my round MULTIPLICITY
I have to enter fight or surrender WAIVER
In abandoned rehearsal sent back crowd HERD
In light rain, doctor is fine to go out FIZZLE
In Paris, the writer and journalist will welcome spring to get stoned JEWELLED
Clues Answers
Losing head, grieve for heron EGRET
Occupies and destroys ability to influence others PEOPLESKILLS
Olympian’s unscrupulous boxing tactic for opening IMMORTAL
Pivot left in chopper AXLE
Poet removing king’s watch VIGIL
Restaurant’s pie containing two mystery ingredients, right one appetising at first PIZZERIA
Restrain degenerate coming after bishop BRAKE
Result of engagement in battle? WARBRIDE
Retreat from former geek’s passion? EXIT
Run away, holding eleven billion litres in plastic FLEXIBLE
Run time backwards — that’s unusual RARE
Strike over hand getting fruit PAWPAW
Surrender offspring in hearing CEDE
Trick Jack with copy JAPE
When Toughies come out, needing 25% extra time, feeble bewilderment may be heard WEEKDAYS
Yogi’s follower pushing out two ducks to get in the morning grass BAMBOO