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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jun 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Admit publisher is infiltrated by opponents OWNUP
Bearing flower, prompt for seasonal gift EASTEREGG
Bird one’s seen on the web? FLYCATCHER
Bird put up with couple of scraps HOUSESPARROW
Border of an East End garden? EDGE
Broadcasts across channels on earth SOWS
Conservative politician enlists a group of supporters CAMP
Cooks carrying carton containing small things on the menu? FRICASSEES
Earl going to pot in shade GREY
Exchange fee one’s invested in in the past AGIO
False pearls and diamonds flogged at this? SALEPRICE
Festoon Saudi of rank evenly ADORN
For replanting, rakes strange creepers GARTERSNAKES
French author turned up. Oh, as we hear! COCTEAU
French noble with a sort of square coin DUCAT
Fruit seen in little diagrams FIGS

Clues Answers
Gigolo getting louder, lazing about LOUNGELIZARD
Goddess scoffed about something seen in the sky ASTARTE
In France, he is with former wife Holly ILEX
Jane and I must fly nest EYRE
Mapmakers overprinting alias for Japanese city OSAKA
Mark smashed soap award, reportedly APOSTROPHE
More than one fine epistle rewritten to get round an upset PENALTIES
Not finding the planet attractive WEIGHTLESS
One fish caught by this Parisienne that’s likely to be smoked CIGARETTE
Opening of cuisine — male / female cook required CHEF
Seaside entertainer showing cause of jetty collapse? PIERROT
Second bird in winter nests ERNE
Sloppy sentimentality that’s heard while sledging MUSH
Star workers are being taken in ANTARES
Time lost in opening ornamental Japanese box INRO
Unsympathetic place for tears to which one resorts after breakdown HARDSHOULDER