The Telegraph – Toughie – Jun 6 2018

Clues Answers
1 Down given leave to include Mike’s cover for 23 HELMET
Anaesthetic introduced to little man restrained TETHERED
Border secured in record time — it won’t last EPHEMERA
Broadcaster first-rate and free AUNTIE
Coin two Europeans invest in school EDUCATE
Criminally endorse last thirteen letters? ABET
Ellington initially inclined to throttle pub trumpeter ELEPHANT
First note in French newspaper that’s refreshing LEMONADE
Graduates down in foreign capital upset official AMBASSADOR
Is tango right in number for ancient instrument? SISTRUM
Liberal, for instance, needing former partner AMPLE
Measure of extent of Crusaders’ objective? ACRE
Men designate good works as embellishment ORNAMENT
Monkey overturned stuff doctor put in place MARMOSET
Old authors echo identical means to achieve result OPENSESAME

Clues Answers
On track to sell direct RETAIL
Paper hammered in article editor ran APPEARED
Point made about learner being an idiot DOLT
See pressure in rising river’s slipped away ELOPED
Show less restraint in puzzle BEWILDER
Summit leader in crisis HEAD
This blows up general tortured by Resistance ENLARGER
Tiresome types speak thus in due course ATLENGTH
Tools and skip used in business PAWNSHOP
Traders tempt one wickedly in shop DEPARTMENTSTORE
Trilby’s first in hat box for this? TITLE
Trout supplier disoriented in butchers? SCHUBERT
Variant mallard duck assimilates one protected species ARMADILLO
Went through stoplight rounding car for late trip REHEARSED

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