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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jun 7 2018

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Clues Answers
Appetisers requiring more cutting on board STARTERS
Apprehends, reportedly making arrest SEIZE
Bank raised charge about European state again REITERATE
Catch holding saw with its centre splitting mitre? HEADGEAR
Chances secure with odds for the first time PROSPECT
Circles tortuous unknown roads, not seeing openings TURNS
Extricated snooker ball, gripping top of ‘snooker stick’ RESCUED
Flash live in the morning BEAM
Follow on, follow around man endlessly SEGUE
French river carries current leading to sea MARINE
Go west in latitude, going west, getting darker MOODIER
In pain GI’s nicely holding up decoration INSIGNIA
In time sweetheart’s performed blue jokes for change TRANSMUTE
Like pig that’s knocked back fruit in ecstasy PORCINE
Literal race on motorway MISPRINT
Member of clergy one’s found in their workplace? MINISTER

Clues Answers
One owes money due but with order empty DEBTOR
Poor hovel’s not hot but cold SCANTY
Prince formerly with his purple stuff? That’s right RAINIER
Promotion of English knight after elevation RISE
Quarrel beginning to end in slaps PATS
Retreat from remains on capsized wreck ASHRAM
Runs from former wife’s threats, oddly EXTRAS
Saw house through an optical device APHORISM
Shooting deer, shot holding end of rifle MUSKETRY
Small enclosure holds ring before mass brawl SCRIMMAGE
Stand male up, accepting wedding vow is rejected PODIUM
Support died for actor BRAD
They believe in first dividing from the French DEISTS
Topless partners scream and go too far OVERSHOOT
Trend to consume edible less filling dish TUREEN
Vehicle was blue, perhaps MOPED