The Telegraph – Toughie – Jun 8 2018

Clues Answers
‘Cocktail Run’ is launched SIDECAR
‘Dial-a-Brief’ cases given protection, Franco-style ALABRI
‘The Sound of Silence’ – number on cassette and vinyl? NOTAPEEP
… subject to snap? TOPIC
14 & 1 Taking in Afghanistan city ground a decent pace bowler’s facing unenviable decision (7,1,4,3,1,4,5) BETWEEN
As is uniform in just about everyone? USUAL
Can Big Apple broadcast be good for this guy? JOHNNY
Conveniently lower figures about Newry and Mourne, say? ROUNDDOWN
Could it be the Tour de France Express, suddenly showing little restraint? … LETRIP
Doctor due in to lance man under restraint CHAINEDUP
Dutch: ‘Our solvers will have what it takes to do a Toughie’ HOURS
First to swim across the pond finds recess SINUS
Flyer — ‘League’s Top Games’ — I am able to comprehend PELICAN
Made to feel the heat, took guard to secure Ashes? Furnaced
Make Trump’s No.1 suffer for his failure here? Suspend proceedings briefly TAKETEN
Names escape sexless author, minstrel’s inspiration EUTERPE
Clues Answers
New York City Subway’s terminus attracts topless loony YONKERS
News-gathering boarder? No pipes are calling him! DANNYBOY
One’s at sea after hospital charges desert ship — he’ll adapt CHAMELEON
Sound of pigeon fillets in the oven or out of it? COOING
Strain put on northern playwright FRAYN
The sauce has lost its duck, causing a row RANGE
The tenth M’doc to be rapturously consumed OCTOBER
The VPD taking a break? PENCE
They ‘enhanced’ Crown Jewels, which chippy’s cabinet displays? CODPIECES
Top double agent condemning silver as new school colour ETONBLUE
Trading terms of Crown, truly a princess INFANTA
Were Carol and Oliver this tall and thin? REEDY
What timeshare affords? When merger occurs, bitterly regret actions PAYDEARLY
Who will mind nurses a little short of time with nitrogen safety device? CARABINER

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