The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 13 2018

Clues Answers
A bar area contains ordinary juice that could be healing ALOEVERA
Acceptable to follow western hemisphere for culinary purposes WOK
All French drink, sharing last of dregs and tumbling TOUSLING
Brussels baker flips, dismissing British discovery EUREKA
Bus route after school HIGHWAY
Cast miracle comeback right for constant interruption to Coronation Street, say? COMMERCIALBREAK
Company meeting gets into papers — a tricky situation QUAGMIRE
Discovered every opening in part of Manhattan VERMOUTH
Drunk’s removed seeds STONED
English bird has compassion, no power for a long time ETERNITY
Exercise rank when I will supplant first European in line PEDIGREE
Explosive information: made energy absorbing one cow’s smelly gas NITROGENDIOXIDE
First lady and child promoted north nevertheless EVENSO
Grand escape hides my turning up in school dress GYMSLIP
Clues Answers
Hold delivery there, Aggers’ cagoule twisted on most of bat BAGGAGECAROUSEL
Keep on missing subscriber MEMBER
Leaning towards the West, an island gets breaking news instantly INAFLASH
Little William’s scrapping ends badly ILL
Nark is a weed NETTLE
Nearly stream pop star in fool’s errand? JESTING
Occasionally idler cleans empty cavity, in fairness DECENCY
Old layer absorbs space in full view OPENLY
Rejected silver surfer’s opening — empty talk GAS
Rush among ten catching disease INFLUX
Salespeople backed taking in somewhere posh for drink SPRITZER
Source of reassurance provided by MI5 cover? SECURITYBLANKET
Starter in athletics getting no race is getting on AGEING
Thing sticking out in river CAM

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