The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 14 2018

Clues Answers
‘Essential Jacques Brel’ I concede is blast from the past RELIC
‘Rock the Casbah’ covers in Skegness? BEACHHATS
Bake tuna pie for yearly visitor PETUNIA
Collision narrowly avoided where keen learners congregate? NEARMISS
Conservative reprobate with universal support backing volatile chamber CARBURETTOR
Damper yield now and then — it’s a time for showers APRIL
Egg-layer additionally incorporating a species from the Isle of Man? PLATYPUS
Film director lacking the least elements of style and charisma isn’t an actor anyhow TARANTINO
Firm kiss by lover for keeper of course COXSWAIN
Garden tool operated noisily first to expose poisonous plant MANDRAKE
Hard work produced by good right back GRAFT
Hour in post office with bill, big beastly thing where fewer and fewer calls are made PHONEBOX
Illegal prospector who risks landing in kangaroo court? CLAIMJUMPER
Island where French succeeded in retiring TIMOROUS
Look in study for stock again RELOAD
Clues Answers
Part of leg I jerked climbing bringing about change unexpectedly REJIG
Piece on daughter, a right-winger, allowing no alternative MANDATORY
Pinched openings to nostrils affecting sinuses, adenoids, lungs NASAL
Ranch in Mayo? SPREAD
Rotten stand-up could be cleaner DUSTPAN
Sauce made from spun sugar missing the point RAGU
Sign of cold in Gulf state, reportedly CATARRH
Theatrical assistant that could be Welsh DRESSER
Trial prompted by political volte-face in capital PLAGUE
Vault helps cure invalid SEPULCHRE
Vine fruit’s colour originally between copper and brown CUCUMBER
Well-heeled in more ways than one? WEDGEDUP
Western wear that sounds like Autry’s? JEANS
With capsized dhow sunk, mystery becomes flat UNIT
Women’s party by North London suburb Hendon

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