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The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 15 2018

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Clues Answers
According to text, you are in hat that’s sensational LURID
Address seemingly without a rent APPLY
Armed soldiers annoy police, interrupted by separate odd bits of fire RIFLECORPS
As for this, it can be disseminated in scare ARSENIC
Beat up on return to London college PULSE
Busy at the back pinching rings AFOOT
Crow: small creature with tail? SWAGGER
Crowd absorbed by a lot of dancing in lightweight piece BAGATELLE
Cynical concern about a weld coming loose WORLDWEARY
Display special methodology SHOW
Each item in cupboard makes you decide against visiting restaurant EATIN
Fuel container, unusual, at bottom of ruined lido OILDRUM
Hopes tomatoes will be used in bottling this sauce PESTO
I’d raised temperature in centre? This produces explosion CORDITE
Instrument of particular quality chopped up, gaining cheers CELESTA
Introduction of desk job saving first male from military action DEPLOYMENT
Clues Answers
List, being ramshackle? RUNDOWN
Longing to fill a jug PITCHER
Mike, in breaking lock, shows key SEMINAL
Mistake that could make man mad? TYPE
Molten metal core not an early development? LATECOMER
Mood changes probing documents identifying ecological concern FOODMILES
Negligence, disregarding a team’s initial purpose INTENTION
Odd item in tirade about men at sea REMNANT
One pound kept back in pay increase? That’s ridiculous RISIBLE
One working to rule in demonstration about working MONARCH
Organisation — and in Bordeaux — involved in booze? SETUP
Poet in reading for schoolchildren? HOMER
Religious figure about to address God with quiet work on graffiti? SPRAYPAINT
Traveller detailed building filth (in both instances) PILGRIM
Try taking up group therapy at the outset TEST
Way adult is apprehended by staff ROAD