The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 16 2018

Clues Answers
Ancient Scandinavian religion engulfs academic institution RUNIC
As planned, arrive beyond Great Lake, dropping off final couple ONTARGET
Before meal, expert Latin figure roughly chopped APPROX
Beneath trees, following Masefield’s first class poem UNDERMILKWOOD
Clot in the European capital repeatedly missing last coach Thrombus
Corresponding with US property agent endlessly bypassing question EQUALTO
Depart from open grassland before half five LEAVE
Everyone conceals shop worker’s error, primarily in addition ASWELL
Fabric at the home of European swapped for interior CHINTZ
Film actor rejected some work involving bloodshed (a great amount) GREGORYPECK
Grass pitch with seventy-five pence lying on it? QUISLING
Greek ace seeing sweetheart changing imperceptibly GRADATING
Interloping suitor’s drunk inside pub INTRUSION
It may trigger alarm in vehicle in a flash, leading to din SCARECROW
Clues Answers
Jack stole, during further regressing, a large bottle JEROBOAM
Kind of band to speak fondly with agent about rock singer ALICECOOPER
Like new game portraying comic character ALANPARTRIDGE
Make cheerful Alpine village housing westwards LIVEN
Nina and co excitedly touring unknown part of Manhattan? CINZANO
Pair guarding terminals in Newhaven search me DUNNO
Period of growing charge by cabbies, picked up in London area MAYFAIR
Put your foot down, training newsman to dissect sample? SPEEDUP
Reddish-brown uniform Yankee removed LIVER
Scots here found missal many regularly dismissed ISLAY
Soldier, fifty and flabby? It’s an optical illusion PARALLAX
Staple seen in front of old-fashioned dress PINAFORE
Stone rough-edged, mainly on right JAGGER
Wind one observes outside affected ears NOREASTER

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