The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 20 2018

Clues Answers
Active and about to collect 200 on board? ONTHEGO
American captured by unknown person is put out DOUSE
Back complaint by power plant PLUMBAGO
Be thankful for journalist leaving actor Brian? BLESS
Block a six, caught by New Zealand’s number four ANVIL
Charge yokels for American comedian BILLHICKS
Couch potato going round happy on vacation is awkward BOLSHY
Evil highwayman nearly died during short day TURPITUDE
Good university to be sited in type of farmland — that’s contentious ARGUABLE
Heavy food, say, Dorothy’s sent back STODGE
Landing-place publicises holiday AIRSTRIP
Mass held by a hermit for social worker ALMONER
Nasty about making democratic choice to get student in REVOLTING
One might vandalise instrument — flipping rubbish! VIOLATOR
Prepare to play one at Roland-Garros in set after review TUNEUP
Clues Answers
Pressure European court supporting official and responsible youngster PREFECT
Program to start making bed? SPREADSHEET
Puzzle solved by opening letters ACROSTIC
Relish adopting wife’s accent TWANG
Report that could get Eloise into Jeff Lynne’s band? NOISE
Rotten, heartless attack RAID
Scrap broken hot tub ultimately found in shopping centre MOTHBALL
Sea-creature, not large, damaged coral ORCA
Shoot with passion — one finds matches exciting FIREBUG
Stun fat animal injecting drugs regularly FLABBERGAST
Tailor’s bill upset father with suit in the end ADAPT
Teasing graduate gained ground BADINAGE
This look I’ve fashioned could be evangelic GLANCE
Unit moans about range MOUNTAINS
Upbeat article penned by troubled genius SANGUINE

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